Club of Water-Motorsport Piestany

celebrates extraordinary anniversary – est. 50 years ago!!! Our club is one of the oldest, most successful and most active motonautic clubs in Slovakia and even Czech republic. In history club trained plenty successful powerboat and hovercraft pilots and organized huge number of events – from “Big Summer Celebratings on Water”, regular Power-Boats home and international races, “Records Days” (top speed competitions of Power-Boats) and later Hovercraft home and international competitions. This year is not different, Club of Water-Motorsport Piestany organizes one round of Formula Future (junior race on boats – 14.5.2011), two rounds of Czech-Slovak Cup near Brno (18.-19.6.2011) and Ostrava (24.-25.6.2011) and the most interesting race in the year – 3.rd round of European Hovercraft Championship In Trencin.

We are looking forward to see all of you on our events!!!